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Book Scanner : Book Scanner

A University of Lethbridge Library guide to the Book2Net Spirit book scanner

Book2Net Spirit - Overview

The Book2Net Spirit book scanner makes scanning pages or entire books quick and easy.

There are 2 modes:

Basic Mode


Expert Mode 

For instructions on how to use each mode see the sections below.

Quickly explained:

Basic mode is the quickest and easiest mode to use, but it gives you zero control over any adjustments or options. Only use this mode if you want to quickly capture images to a USB.

Expert mode gives you many adjustment controls, as well as the option to capture to USB or to email your scans (see Scan to Email below). In expert mode you have multiple viewing options (zoom, rotate) you can change the colour mode that you capture in (Color, Greyscale, Black/White), the file type (TIFF, JPG, PDF) and you can delete selected scans, change the image order of you scans, as well as scan new images anywhere in your image order. You also have the ability to view images you have previously scanned. 

Basic Mode

  1. Turn on the book scanner (switch is on back at bottom right, takes a minute to start up)
  2. Insert USB drive
  3. Position Media and Scan (accept copyright agreement)
  4. Finalise 

Use basic mode to make quick and easy scans. Images are automatically cropped to the size of your media and saved to your USB devise. If you want to email you scans, conrol how the image is cropped, or have the ability to re-scan, delete scans, or insert new scans in the scan order, then use Expert mode by touching the EXPERT MODUS button in the right column.

Expert Mode

  1. Turn on the book scanner (switch is on back at bottom right, takes a minute to start up)
  2. Switch to Expert mode (the scanner boots up in Basic mode by default, switch to expert mode by touching the EXPERT MODUS button in the right column of the screen)
  3. Insert USB drive or push the scan to email button in the bottom middle of hte screen (see Scan to Email below)
  4. Choose Colour mode, capture mode, brightness, and capture size
  5. Position Media and Scan (accept copyright agreement)
  6. Edit scanned images (re-arrange order, delete, rotate)
  7. Finalise or Send email

For help with expert mode, touch the help icon at the top right of the screen.

Scan to Email

*Do not use the email option if you are scanning a large number of pages, email attachment restrictions limit how large of an email attachment you can send, use a USB drive if you plan on scanning many pages, or plan on splitting up your scans into multiple emails using the tips below.

  1. Expert Modus
  2. Enter Email Address
  3. Select JPG (optional)
  4. Scan
  5. Send

1. The book scanner automatically starts up in basic mode, to use the email feature you must enter expert mode by touching the "EXPERT MODUS" button in the right column of the screen.

2. BEFORE you begin scanning, you must first enter your email adress to select email as your chosen mode of delivery. Touch the email button in the bottom of the screen and type in your email address in the pop-up window and hit the green accept button at the bottom left of the window. The email button will now be highlighted to indicate that it its the selected deliver method. 

3. Optional - Select JPG in the right column of the screen to optimise your scans for email, scanning in JPG's creates smaller file sizes and will allow you to scan more images per email.

4. Scan the pages you wish to email.

5. Touch the email button again to finish your session and send your email.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After processing your scans into a single PDF attachment, the Book Scanner will notify you that it sent the file successfully REGARLESS OF WHETHER OR NOT THE EMAIL PROVIDER WAS ABLE TO SEND THE FILESIZE. This is a known issue, and it has to do with attachment filesize limitations set by the email provider.

Tips for successfully sending emails: 

  1. Reduce you file size by scanning plain text in Black/White mode, and greyscale images using Greyscale mode. Only capture colour images in full Colour mode.
  2. Select JPG as your image capture type.
  3. Watch the usage on the bottom left of the screen, you must stay below 500MB or your email will be too big. (Actual email size will be <25MB after the images are processed just before the email is sent)
  4. If you need to scan more 500MB of pages, email them in batches that are smaller than 500MB each, you will be required to re-enter you email everythime you send a batch.


Listed below are a number of problems that patrons have previously encountered while using the bookscanner. If you have experienced a problem with the book scanner, please leave a comment below and we will add the solution to this list.


"The bookscanner is cropping my images wrong."

By default the bookscanner is set up to automatically crop to the edges of your media, however if you have a lot of white space on the page or your media is a similar colour as the border of the display table, then the book scanner may have some difficulties determining where the edge of you media actually is.

First simply try to re-scan the page, if that doesn't work then  use expert mode and choose to scan the full size of the display table by touching this button in the bottom middle of the screen:


"The bookscanner said my emeil sent successfully, but I didn't get it."

1. All email services have attachment filesize limitations, most email services have this limitation set to 25MB. The bookscanner does not have a filesize limitation, so it will almost always indicate that it has sent the email successfully, even if your email provider doesn't accept the email because of it's filesize. All failed over-size email attemps are reported on the bookscanner, but typically the patron has already left before the notification is recieved. Carefully follow the instructions in the "Scan to Email" section of this guide to succeffuly email your scans.

2. The book scanner trusts that you've entered your email corectly, even if you haven't. Always make certain that your email is entered correctly.


"The bookscanner won't turn on."

Yes it will, it just takes a minute or two to boot up, be patient and don't flick the switch on and off to try and get it to boot up faster.