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Women & Gender Studies: Faculty Works

Resources recommended by WGST Faculty

Recommended by Dr. Carol Williams

According to Baba: A Collaborative Oral History of Sudbury's Ukrainian Community - Teaching the Legacy of the Sixties Scoop and Addressing Ongoing Child Welfare Inequality in the Classroom

AfroQueer Podcast

American Physical Society: Women Physicists Speakers List - no longer being maintained by APS (October 2022)

anneslist: Highlighting Female Systems Neuroscientists

BearPaw Full-Length Legal Education Videos


Click! The Ongoing Feminist Revolution

Conducting Research on Residential Schools: A Guide to the Records of the Indian and Inuit Affairs Program and Related Resources at Library and Archives Canada

Emma Goldman Papers - University of California

The Fight's Not Over - "This podcast explores the 1970 Abortion Caravan on its 51st anniversary, in the midst of a global pandemic, including its history and its implications for today."

For Want of a Home - video on homelessness and LGBTQ youth

Indigenous Feminisms Power Panel

Judith Butler, DLitt - McGill 2013 Honorary Doctorate Address

Looking Back to Look Forward: Resources Exploring Black Prairie Experiences

Making Gay History: The Podcast

Margaret Sanger Papers Project - New York University

mediaINDIGENA - Interactive Indigenous Insight

Native Media Archives - Vision Maker Media

National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls - Library

Nature of Writing - instructional videos

Nursing Clio

People of Color Also Know Stuff

Pioneer Women

Protest Songs & Lyrics: Historical, Social Justice & Human Rights Songs

Reconciliation Rising Podcast

Regina Kunzel interview on her article "The Power of Queer History"

A Select Annotated Bibliography Regarding Bill C-31, Indian Registration and Band Membership, Aboriginal Identity, Women and Gender Issues

Sexting History Podcasts

Shekon Neechie: An Indigenous History Site

Spare Rib - Archived content (1972 - 1993) from the British Library

The State of Reproductive Health in Alberta: A Q&A with Dr. Carol Williams

Transgender Media Portal

Where are the Children? Healing the Legacy of the Residential Schools

Women Also Know History

Women in Astronomy Database

Women Film Pioneers Project

Women Make Movies (WMM)

Women Suffrage and Beyond


Recommended by Dr. Caroline Hodes

Charter Challenge to Homelessness and Violations of the Right to Adequate Housing in Canada: Tanudjaja v. Canada

Human Rights Resources - The Office of the Gender & Women's Studies Librarian at University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries

Osgoode Hall Law School Digital Commons

Project Diana (Human Rights Cases) - Yale University - Lillian Goldman Law Library

R. v. Wagar Court Transcripts

Stanford Rape Case Court Documents: People v. Brock Allen Turner

Supreme Court of Canada - Additional Records

Women's Human Rights Resources - Bora Laskin Law Library


Paula's Picks

Digital Transgender Archive (my thanks to Leona Jacobs for recommending this one! Canadian content is discoverable by going to the "browse by map" function)

Paula's List of Lists (resources to combat conference "manels" and media underrepresentation of diverse scholars).

500 Queer Scientists - creates opportunities for community connections and greater visibility for LGBTQ+ people and their allies within STEM.

500 Women Scientists - includes the "Request a Woman in STEMM" search.

American Physical Society speaker lists - separate physicist lists for women and minorities. (dead links, emailed APS for update Oct. 11/22)

Anneslist - highlights women in neuroscience.

Cite Black Women - "engages with social media, aesthetic representation (our t-shirts) and public dialogue to push people to critically rethink the politics of race gender and knowledge production."

Directory of Women in Machine Learning

Diverse Sources - created for journalists working on a deadline, this list connects them with underrepresented experts in science, health, and the environment.

Diversify Chemistry list

Earth Science Women's Network - a non-profit organization "lifts all scientists and moves the geosciences forward."

Informed Opinions - a non-profit organization that has been working to amplify women's voices in the media since 1980. Searchable database here.

People of Color Also Know Stuff - promote scholars of color in Political Science. In addition to their experts database, they also have mentoring info to support grad students.

Reflect Reality - a list of lists! Leads to lists of women experts across a variety of sectors.

Sourcelist - provides a diverse pool of experts on tech policy.

Women Also Know History - promotes the work of women in History.

Women Also Know Law - provides a searchable database of women and non-binary people in the discipline.

WomenAlsoKnowStuff - promotes the work of women in Political Science by providing a database of relevant experts for syllabi, conferences, media contacts, etc.

Women Are Boring - dedicated to highlighting research by women in all fields of academia and to facilitating interdisciplinary scholarship.

Women in theoretical/computational chemistry, material science, and biochemistry - provides a directory.

A Selection of Faculty Publications