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Women & Gender Studies: Reproductive Rights

Books in the U of L Collection

Keywords for Reproductive Rights Issues

Hi!  This section has been developed over many years of supporting Dr. Carol Williams' WGST 3010 class.

Keywords we have used in the past (don't forget to put the word AND between your different concepts). 

Standard Keywords

  • Abortion
  • Moral and ethical aspects
  • Social aspects
  • Psychological aspects
  • Religious aspects
  • Pro-life, pro-life movement, social movements (have also seen pro life without the hyphen)
  • Pro-choice, pro-choice movement, pro choice
  • autonomy
  • stigma


Abortion as a Political/Voting Issue

  • Issue voting
  • Abortion AND elections
  • Voting, voting behavior (opted for the American spelling as per LCSH)
  • Politicians, elected officials, political candidates, Trump AND abortion
  • Abortion AND politicians AND “issue voting”
  • Abortion AND laws and legislation, AND government policy


Fetus as a Person via Fetal Development

  • Fetal development, conception, development
  • Tried foetus for alternate spelling, but difference in results was negligible
  • Attitudes, ethics, social aspects, religion, religious aspects
  • Fetus AND rights, human rights
  • Moral and ethical aspects (this one worked well)
  • Fetus AND moral and ethical aspects
  • Observations: even this subtopic has multiple topics within it and multiple disciplinary approaches – student must choose which points to argue (fetal rights through religion, though health sciences via fetal development of heart/limbs/brain/etc, philosophy & ethics)


Fetus v. Birth Parent

  • Abortion AND human rights
  • Abortion AND women’s rights
  • Maternal-fetal
  • Moral and ethical aspects, social aspects
  • Pregnant women AND legal status
  • Fetus AND legal status
  • Pro-woman



Men’s Rights

  • Men, men’s rights, male, men AND rights
  • Abortion, decisions, choices, decision making
  • Psychological aspects (this one worked quite well), counseling (use one “l” as it is the American spelling that works better for LCSH)
  • Case in Canada: Tremblay v. Daigle [1989] Supreme Court decision (link provided to case in the CanLii database - also look at the History, Cited docs, Cite by, info).  Secondary sources and commentary in other Library databases.



Keywords from University of Illinois LibGuide

  • Abortion
  • Abortion -- Law and legislation
  • Birth control
  • Mifepristone (the "abortion pill")
  • Miscarriage
  • Partial birth abortion ban
  • Plan B (the "morning after pill")
  • Pro-choice movement
  • Pro-life movement
  • Reproductive rights
  • Roe v. Wade
  • Women's health services

Other LibGuides (keep in mind that you will probably not be able to log into their subscription resources - ask Paula about interlibrary loan if necessary):

Capilano University

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Mater Christi

For WGST 3100: Other LibGuides of interest to you: APA, MLA, Writing your Paper (Research Paper, Book Review, Annotated Bibliography), Evaluating Sources, Government Resources, Statistics, and guides by subject (click on the Guides tab and go to the 2nd column).

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Textbooks used in WGST-3100

Recommended by Dr. Carol Williams

Parkland Institute Report

Here's a link to the report co-authored by Dr. Carol Williams = Political Challenges & Digital Frontiers: Reproductive Health & Services in Southern Alberta

Colonialism and Reproductive Justice in Arctic Canada: The Neglected Historical and Contemporary Analysis of Genocidal Policies on Arctic Indigeneous Reproductive Rights

The intention of this research is to draw connections between historical and contemporary colonialism in so-called “canada” (canada), and the lack of reproductive justice for Arctic Indigenous communities. Further, this research will seek to identify a lack of Arctic Indigenous reproductive justice within a larger legacy of colonial genocide, by imposing measures intended to prevent the births of Indigenous children, and by forcibly displacing Indigenous children from their communities. Click here.

Films about Reproductive Rights

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