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Chicago Citation Style, 17th Edition: Book Review

A University of Lethbridge Library guide to Chicago Manual of Style citations.

Book Review (14.202)

N:         1. Richard E. Wagner, review of Austrian and German Economic Thought: From Subjectivism to Social Evolution, by Kiichiro Yagi, Journal of the History of Economic Thought 36, no. 3 (September 2014): 391,

B:   Wagner, Richard E. Review of Austrian and German Economic Thought: From Subjectivism to Social Evolution,
             by Kiichiro Yagi. Journal of the History of Economic Thought 36, no. 3 (September 2014): 391-94.


NOTE: For a print book review, omit the DOI URL.

DOI - Digital Object Identifier

DOI - Digital Object Identifier

Most scholarly publishers now assign a unique alpha-numeric code called a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) to journal articles, e-books, and other documents. Chicago guidelines for citing electronic resources include this number in the citation whenever possible. The DOI can generally be found on the first page of scholarly journal articles as well as in the database record for that article. DOIs are typically provided within a URL beginning with and ending with the DOI, as seen in this example:

If the DOI does not appear on the article or in the database record, it may be found by entering citation information into the free DOI Lookup on

To determine DOIs for an entire reference list, copy & paste the entire list here: Cross/Ref Simple Text Query.

A DOI can be searched or verified by entering the DOI number here: Cross/Ref DOI Resolver.

Materials originally published prior to the Internet, but now available online, may not have a DOI. When a DOI is not available, include the URL in its place.