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3) Find Books & E-Books: Basic Search

A University of Lethbridge Library guide to finding books and e-books.

Performing a Basic Search of the Catalogue

To begin, under the search tab on the library's homepage, select "Library Catalogue" to display the library catalogue search box.

This box is used to perform a basic search of the library catalogue. Select the dropdown menu to search by keyword, title, author, journal title, or subject heading.

  • Keyword: Keyword searches return all items that contain your search terms anywhere in their records.
  • Title: Title searches return all items that contain your search terms in their titles. This is particularly helpful when you are searching for a specific book that you already know the title of.
  • Author: Use this search option when you are looking for a book written by a particular author. Enter the author's last name (e.g. Smith) or last name, followed by first name (e.g. Smith, John) in the search box.
  • Journal Title: Journal title searches return only journals containing your search terms in their titles. Do not use this option when searching for books.
  • Subject Heading: Use this search option when looking for items catalogued under a particular subject heading. Subject headings are standardized throughout the catalogue, so relevant items, including those that do not contain your search terms in their titles, will be returned.

Having selected from the above options, enter your search terms, then click on "Search" to display your results.

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