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4) Find Journal Articles: Connecting Off-Campus

A University of Lethbridge Library guide to finding journal articles.

Who can access library e-resources?

While anyone can access these resources at the library, only current U of L students, staff and faculty are authorized to use subscription electronic resources from home or other off-campus sites.


  • A TAL or COPPUL card will not give you access to electronic resources from off-campus.
  • You must access the Library's electronic resources through the Database Resources pages (not just through the Web). 

How do I access e-resources from off-campus?

If you are using the University of Lethbridge as your Internet Service Provider, you should be able to access our electronic resources just as if you were on-campus.

If you are using another Internet Service Provider (e.g., Shaw or Telus), and you are a student, staff or faculty member, you will be prompted to enter your username and password; otherwise, identify yourself as a community, TAL, CURBA or Master of Counselling borrower and you will be prompted to enter your name and barcode number when selecting an electronic resource. This ensures that you are an authorized U of L user.

Troubleshooting Database Access Issues

1. What browser are you using?

To access the Library's electronic resources, we recommend you use:

  • Internet Explorer 11.x or higher
  • Mozilla 1.7.8 or higher
  • Mozilla Firefox or higher
  • Opera 9.0 or higher

Note: Recently updated versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla and AOL's browser may also cause problems.

If you are using an unsupported browser or an unsupported version of a browser and experiencing problems:

Link to download Mozilla Firefox Download this free version of Mozilla Firefox

Link to download Opera Download this free version of Opera

You will be asked to save a file on your computer. Remember where you save this file as saving the file does not automatically install the program. If you are not prompted to install the program, find the file you just saved and run it by double-clicking it. This will complete the installation.


2. Refresh/reload the page

We recommend you perform a hard refresh by pressing CTRL + F5 on a PC and Command+Shift+R on a Mac. This will refresh every detail of the page you are trying to access.


3. Clear your cache

Clearing your cache will download a fresh copy of the webpage you are trying to access.

Internet Explorer:

Go to Tools then Options. Under this menu, select Clear History, Delete Cookies and Delete Files.

Mozilla Firefox:

Go to Tools then select Clear Private Data.

Firefox & Mozilla:

Go to Edit then Preferences. Select History, then Clear History. Under Advanced, go to Cache, then click Clear Cache.


Go to Tools and select Delete Private Data.


4. Check your browser settings

You must configure your browser correctly to access resources from off-campus. If you are using an Internet Service Provider other than the U of L (e.g., Shaw or Telus), you may need to change your proxy settings. Make sure to note your original proxy setting so you can revert back to it after using the online resources.

To change your proxy:

Internet Explorer:

Click on "Tools" at the top of the screen

    1. Click on "Internet Options
    2. Click on "Connections" tab
    3. Click on "LAN Settings"
    4. Uncheck all boxes and/or delete information in other boxes.
    5. Click on "OK"

    Note: Even if you have set up your browser for off-campus access in the past, your settings may have been accidentally changed.
  1. Cookies blocked? Javascript not enabled?
    • Your browser must be configured to accept all cookies.
    • JavaScript must be enabled.

    If you are unsure how to check your browser set-up, go to the HELP button on your browser.

  2. Pop-up blocker installed?

    If you're trying to connect to a database and you get a blank screen with the word "Done" at the bottom you can either:

    • override the blocker by holding down the CTRL button when clicking on the Connect button OR
    • disabling the blocker.
  3. Try another of our supported Web Browsers.

5. Are you working in a system with a firewall?

  1. Do you use a personal firewall?

    Some firewalls may prevent connection to the online resources through the proxy server. You may need to temporarily disable the firewall in order to access the resources. Review your personal firewall software instructions or contact the manufacturer to find out how to do so.

  2. Are you trying to access the online resources from your workplace?

    Some businesses use firewalls. This means you may not be able to access our resources from work. Contact the system administrator for more information.

6. Are you having problems signing in?

Each time you try to access the online resources, you will be prompted for your campus user name and password (usually the same as password used to access your email). If the screen clears your user name and password and doesn't give you access to the resource, you may have to change your proxy settings as described in question 3.


7. Having problems opening online articles and PDF documents emailed from the Library's online collection?

If you try to copy and paste the URL to an online article or a link to a PDF document and then email it to yourself so you can read it off campus, you may not have access to the document, due to licensing restrictions.

To ensure access to this information at home, you must use the email option provided inside the online database.

Database: Academic Search Premier


8. Having problems with databases not displaying properly?

If you have a frame that is appearing with a dull gray background, but the rest of the database is not appearing properly, you may not have the necessary software installed for that database. Some of our databases require the installation of the Java run time environment.

 Download the free Java run time environment

Still having problems? Contact us.

If you've followed the instructions in the troubleshooting questions, but are still having problems, contact the Information & Research Assistance (Reference) staff by using our Ask Us service or by phone at 329-2263.

Before you contact us, please be ready with the following information:

  • Name of your Service Provider (e.g., U of L, Shaw, Telus)
  • Name of operating system (e.g., Windows 2000)
  • Browser name and version (e.g., Internet Explorer 9.x)
  • Name of database or e-resource you are trying to access
    • Were you able to access it in the past?
    • Have you changed any settings, browsers, operating systems since the last time you accessed it?
  • Can you access other licensed databases? (e.g., PsycINFO, ABI/Inform)
  • Your name and Campus ID number
  • Error message (if any)

Library Help

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