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MLA Citation Style, 7th Edition: Multivolume Work

A University of Lethbridge Library guide to MLA style citations.

5.5.14, 6.4.3 (pp. 168-70, 222-23)

IT:     (Lawrence 8: 23-25)

WC:   Lawrence, D. H. The Letters of D. H. Lawrence. Ed. James T. Boulton. Vol. 8. New York: Cambridge UP, 2000.



NOTE: The format of citations for multivolume works depends on a number of variables, including whether all volumes were published in the same year, whether individual volumes have a single author or multiple authors, whether the set has an editor, and whether each volume has a unique title. If you are unsure of how to cite a multivolume source you've used, it is best to consult the MLA Handbook (5.5.14).