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APA Citation Style, Seventh Edition

Section 10.1

In General:

  • When citing a journal article (whether accessed online or in print) that has a Digital Object Identifier (DOI), include the DOI in the reference entry formatted as a hyperlink (i.e., beginning with "https://" or  "http://").
  • If an online work has both a DOI and a URL, only include the DOI in the reference entry. 
  • If an online work does not have a DOI, include the URL according to the rules listed in Section 9.34 of the Manual. For works from most academic research databases, the URL is not required.
  • You can present DOIs and URLs as either standardized hyperlinks (typically blue and underlined) or in plain text.
  • If an article has a article number (eLocator) write "Article" (capitalized) then provide the article number instead of the page range (see example 2) 


General Format

      In-Text Citation (Paraphrase): 
     (Author Surname & Author Surname, Year)
      In-Text Citation (Quotation):
      (Author Surname & Author Surname, Year, Page Number)
Author Surname, First Initial. Second Initial., & Author Surname, First Initial. Second Initial. (Year). Article title: Subtitle. Title of Periodical, Volume(issue), page range. https:// DOI OR https:// URL of article
Example 1
      In-Text Citation (Paraphrase):
      (Little Bear, 2012)
      In-Text Citation (Quotation):
      (Little Bear, 2012, p. 521)
Little Bear, L. (2012). Traditional knowledge and humanities: A perspective by a Blackfoot. Journal of Chinese Philosophy, 39(4), 518-527.
Example 2
      In-Text Citation (Paraphrase): 
     (Horwitz, 2020) 
      In-Text Citation (Quotation):
      (Horwitz, 2020, p. 20)
Horwitz, G. D. (2020). Temporal information loss in the macaque early visual system. PLoS Biology18(1), Article e3000570.